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Certification Awards

In 2007, the Concours team introduced a certification scoring system that will allow owners to better see how their cars will compare against the standards. There are three tiers of certification.... Bronze, Silver, and Stainless. With this system, multiple cars can place in any given level, and the recognition is based solely on the caliber of the competing cars and how they stack up against the handbook (instead of how they stack up against each other). The Certification will properly reflect the caliber of the event and the work that goes into the cars and will be in the form of extremely nice etched metal plaques that will designate the cars standing in the DeLorean community

.A new addition to the Concours is the John Z. DeLorean Excellence in Marque award. This award will only go to one car.... the best of the best, the top dog, the top gun.... you get the idea! Before a car can even have a shot at this award it needs to qualify by being certified in the Stainless tier.