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Certification Judges

In the era before the DeLorean Marque Certification was established,  judges were often obtained the day of the event with more than a little arm-twisting. Today there is often a waiting list of candidates to become a Certification Judge.

Each Certification has one Head Judge, six Area Judges (Interior, Exterior, Undercarriage, Engine Compartment, Luggage Compartment and Operating Controls) and a Scorer. Area Judges become Head Judges by judging in five of the aforementioned six areas at national level Certification events. Each event also has six Assistant Judges. An assistant Judge must assist for at least one complete event prior to becoming an Area Judge..

Head Judges are qualified to preside over local events using the same judging criteria as the DeLorean Marque Certification.

While the judges perks are nothing spectacular, they do receive some very unique items to recognize their hard work.  The morning of the Certification event, all the judges are  treated to a judges breakfast.  This time is also used to update everyone and answer any questions about the judging.  Each judge also receives an event-unique judges shirt.  The only way to get one of these shirts is to be a judge.  After each event, the judges also receive an etched appliqué to put on their judges plaque.  No fame and fortune... but some special recognition.

Current or previous Certification judges should see the Judges Talk list.