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Concours 101  

Don’t think for a moment that the luggage area is a piece of cake and how much could there possibly be to look at.  There are almost 100 items for the judges to look at and judge!

And the obvious things will cost you points every time!

What happens when the judges are done putting the pencil to the paper?

The judging sheets go to the head judges for a review, and the numbers are crunched by the accounting team.  If your car scores within a designated percentile range, then you are awarded a Stainless, Silver, or Bronze plaque accordingly.

The new certification judging has had a lot of time and effort put into it, and it will continue to be fine tuned as necessary.  Competitors will be able to come back as often as they like to see if they can improve their certification level or just maintain a certain level.

Remember… have fun with it.  I said that in 2001, and I still feel that way today.  

I remember what Steven Wynne told me while we were getting prepared for the ‘01 Concours.  He had asked how we’re doing, and I told him we were almost finished.  His reply with that little English grin was “with a Concours car, you’re never finished.”

by Ron Wester
photos by Jill Bell

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