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Concours 101

deloreans magazine
Vol. 4 No. 1

If you’re out there wondering if you should go for it (Concours) after all you have read— YES, do it… it’s a blast!

Prior to doing the Houston Concours in 2001, we did 24 local shows just to prep and learn more about what is needed to have a winning show car.  We went to the DeLorean Car Show in Cleveland and watched the Concours judges, asked questions, and spoke with the competitors. What did we learn?

Clean, repair, clean, replace, clean, refinish, and clean some more.  Even clean the areas you can’t see.  Work on the areas you think nobody will ever look at.  In doing this you will get to know your ride better than you ever imagined.  You’ll find things you need to fix or replace that you might not have noticed until later on, but the main thing is, do it for the fun.  Don’t do it for the big prize money (not!), or the national recognition (not!), or even the trophy.  Do it for fun and if you come away a winner—great!

For us, the biggest return on participating in this event was the people we met and the new friendships we started.  This far outweighs the other rewards.  We were impressed that each and every judge not only took the time to tell us what areas our car might be improved on, but also gave out compliments on what areas they were impressed with.  We even got some pointers from prior Concours winners.  Good people, good time.  This is the least expensive way I know of to get your car gone over for three hours by people that enjoy the DeLorean and have a large collective base of knowledge about the marque.

Do it and have fun.  If you don’t get the trophy you were shooting for, learn and come back stronger the next time.

That was my two cents worth after we took 1st place in the 2001 Millennium Concours.  Now we are on the other side of the coin with Cheryl having been a judge for the last three years and the both of us becoming part of the DeLorean Millennium Administration Team this past year.  It’s the attention to detail that has been going on behind the scenes that sparked our interest in becoming part of the Millennium Concours Team.  While the DeLorean Concours had come a long way, the team wanted to take it to the next level.

The first thing to be done for the ‘07 Concours was to update the judging sheets in preparation for the bigger goal…P greater consistency between judges.  No longer would cars be competing against each other, but rather they would be judged against the handbook for originality, cleanliness, and condition.  The judges scoring sheets specify exactly which items are to be inspected and exactly what each and every item is worth for point deduction.  The cars would now be striving to reach a certification level of Stainless, Silver, or Bronze.  This type of judging is a lot more cut and dry and removes a lot of the gray areas or opinions that might have come up in previous Concours competitions.  This also provides for more consistent results from show to show.

So what is a Concours DeLorean?  I think the most accepted definition would be “the best car that could have been built on the best day at the factory”.  What’s interesting about this definition is that it may include items on the car that later on were determined to not be the best thing the factory could have done.  A good example of this is the fan-fail relay.  While this item is still expected to be seen in a Concours car, the failed part has long since been replaced by a simple factory fix.  A Concours car not only has to be factory original, but it also has to meet certain requirements of correctness for VIN, be extremely clean, and be in excellent original condition—as close as possible to the day it rolled off the assembly line at the factory.  Next page...
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