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Head Judges

Grimsrud, Knut  (6)
Linstad, Greg  (5)
Longwisch, Cecil  (5)
Maier, Marty  (6)
Montgomery, Ken  (5)
Mueller, Scott  (5)
Substelny, Mike  (5)

Acuti, Rich  (1)
Angwin, Jeff  (4)
Birkeland, Stian  (1)
Bourne, Mark  (3)
Gore, Gary  (3)
Mullins, Sean (1)
Olans, Matt  (1)
Pearce, Bryan  (3)
Pool, Eric (1)
Posey, Aaron  (1)
Schleikau, Dennis  (3)
Spratt, Chris  (1)
Substelny, Patty  (3)
Swilley, Bill  (3)
Swingle, Dave  (2)
Wester, Cheryl  (3)
Wilson, Dan  (1)

Baker, Ken
Birdwell, Shannon
Botkin, Dan
Carpenter, Matt
Cancelmo, Byron
Heon, Mike
Linstad, Jeff
Lein, Andy
McElraft, Harold
Prentiss, Andrew
Swingle, Gary
Wilson, Dan

Acuti, Rich
Angwin, Jeff
Bourne, Mark
Linstad, Greg
Longwisch, Cecil
Maier, Marty
Substelney, Patty
Swingle, Julee
Wester, Ron
“The opportunity to judge concour quality cars is a great privilege, responsibility, and learning experience all in one. When an owner spends the hours required to have a car judged, they are demonstrating an awesome commitment to the DeLorean and its history. As a judge, we have the responsibility to be fair and consistent for each car judged. Many times we have the opportunity to view the subtle differences each car might have and expand our knowledge of the DeLorean’s history and manufacture.”     Bryan Pearce

“My first DeLorean concours judging was in 1984 at a DeLorean Owners Association event in Chicago. Over the years I have discovered that a lot of owners have preserved their DeLoreans in extraordinary ways and the knowledge base for judging has solidified. The most recent event for me to again participate in concours judging, and my first Millennium Concours event, was at the DMCH 2007 Open House Event. Not only was it a time for me to discuss the details of my favorite car, the DeLorean of course, but to see some extraordinary cars. The opportunity to see these well preserved and detailed cars up close is a real treat. I was also impressed with how far the standards have come over the years for both the cars and the judging. The Millennium Concours should add some real value to maintaining the heritage of our cars.”     Harold McElraft

“Events surrounding the councours are always great; but to really dig and probe around fine example DeLoreans is a real treat. The condition of recent cars at the Concours events have certainly raised the bar. Literally the recent Delorean Concours cars seem to have been plucked from dealer parking lots of 1981-82 era and placed on the floor in front of us to judge. It is fun, it is rewarding, and you continue to learn new things about the DeLorean. The concours manual is easy to read and understand which is amazing because it is so comprehensive.  I favor, of course, the concours all original clean and perfect Deloreans. To be able to sit in one of these cars as a judge is a real treat because the owners spend hard earned money, sweat and labor just for you to see for a day or two.”     Byron Cancelmo